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General announcements of places I’ve published or books that are now available.

Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink


Happy New Year everyone!

No Wasted Ink is undergoing a few revamps to its look and format. Every year, I like to make a few changes to keep things fresh and to tweak my calendar to keep my own creative juices flowing. This year, I want to focus more on creating books, novellas, a new poetry chapbook, scifaiku wall art, and continue in my efforts to write short stories to publish in magazines. All the fun things that we writers do for a living. No Wasted Ink is still going strong with great page views and a large twitter following. I thank you all for your kind comments and interest for the past five years that this blog has been active. Your participation helps to keep me motivated and writing and I bless you all for that.

What’s in the pipeline:

New Graphics for No Wasted Ink!

  • New headers for posts
  • Writer infographics
  • New newsletter logo

No Wasted Ink’s Quarterly Newsletter will launch!

I’ve had the signup for my newsletter on the site for ages, but have been tardy getting the newsletter going. The first one goes out today and it will a simple welcome to the mailing list. Future newsletters will have: poetry or flash fiction, book/novella launch announcements, appearance announcements and other odds and ends. I hope to make it more entertaining than a simple announcement newsletter.

Book Reviews

Due to my focus on getting more books finished, I will be writing fewer book reviews this coming year. I want to continue with them, since they do reprint in various magazines and I want to continue my contributions, but I acknowledge that the book reviews are the most labor intensive writing I do for No Wasted Ink. Look for them to be only once a month instead of twice a month as in previous years.


Scifaiku of Wendy Van Camp featured in Quantum Visions 5



It is with great pleasure that I announce that five of my poems and illustrations have been published in the magazine “Quantum Visions 5” edited by Jude-Marie Green.  It is a chapbook featuring science fiction stories of the Orange County Science Fiction Club’s Writer’s Orbit.  I am the only poet in the edition.  This magazine used to be print only, but this year Ms. Green is offering online versions.  You can purchase an online chapbook at the following link:

Quantum Visions 5

How To Write Book Reviews Podcast

I had the pleasure of appearing as a panelist on a new video podcast series for writers by YouTuber and author Andy Peloquin. My episode is entitled: How to Write a Good Book Review.

For around 30 minutes, three of us discuss writing reviews for blogs, what constitutes a good review on Amazon for authors and other writery goodness. I hope you’ll stop by and subscribe to this new series on YouTube.

How To Write Book Reviews

Author Wendy Van Camp

#CHWG Podcast – The Writer’s Platform with Wendy Van Camp

CHWG-podcast (blog)

Writers need a platform to reach their audience. Don’t know where to begin? Podcast #6 of the CHWG Podcast with Wendy Van Camp discusses it. Plus Scifaiku (Science Fiction Haiku). Hosted by J Bryan Jones. Available on YouTube, iTunes, and now!



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