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General announcements of places I’ve published or books that are now available.

Philofaxy Reader Under the Spotlight – Interview of Wendy Van Camp

Crimson Filofax Malden Binder

I’d like to thank Steve Morton of Philofaxy fame for making me the latest “Reader Under the Spotlight” at his blog. He interviewed me about my filofax organizers, what I use them for, which ones I prefer in the various ranges offered, and other Filofax related questions. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look at the interview.

If you’d like to read more about how I use my Filofax for writing or my views on paper vs. technology, you can read the following blog posts here at No Wasted Ink:

Filofax Writing Journal
Paper-Phobia and the Modern Writer

Serendipity Magazine Article – Symbols in Time

In August of 2011, I received my certification as a gemologist from Santiago Canyon College in Southern California. My course of study took three years and I was trained in the identification of colored stones, diamonds, pearls and antique jewelry. Today marks the debut of my first gemological related magazine article. Please visit Serendipity Magazine today and read Symbols in Time. It is one of many interesting articles about the creation and viewpoints of art.

Art Drawing of Victorian Era CameoSerendipity Magazine
Symbols in Art Vol. I Issue 4
Symbols in Time is on page 85

Symbols in Time is about the symbols that marked antique jewelry from the Victorian period complete with example photos from the private jewelry collection of Roberta Mullings, GG.

New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been writing novels for around two years and am approaching a time when I will be publishing my first one.  Therefore, I thought it prudent to begin the process of getting a blog together to be the base of my writing platform.  Here will be the place to hear announcements of articles that I’ve published, updates on the status of current projects, book signings and where you can find links to where to purchase my ebooks or POD printings.

I apologize for the dust, but I hope to make this an interesting place to visit in the near future.  My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 is to publish my first novel and to put into place a method to not only market the book, but to meet readers and writers here on the web.  This blog is the first step toward that goal.