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No Wasted Ink Writers Links

It is time for another top ten writing links here on No Wasted Ink.  This week I found an article or two about translation and narration in addition to general writing tips. I hope you like them!

A Writer’s Guide to Understanding People

Sneak Peek into Audiobook Narration

How Do I Use Public Domain Characters Respectfully?

Mythic Guide to Heroes & Villains — The Importance of the Villain

What Can the Best Metaphors in Literature Teach Us About Writing?

12 Book Translation Tips For Authors

Some Dos and Don’ts for Pitches and Blurbs

The Perils and Pitfalls of Research

5 Thoughts on How to Use Place to Move Your Story Forward

Storytelling Exercise: Plot Analysis

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink Writers Links. Each Monday I post a list of top ten writing articles that I have found interesting or useful during my surfing on the internet. I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I did.

How to Know Which Parts of Your Story Readers Will Like Best (It Isn’t Always What You Think)

Tips for Using Instagram as an Author

A Simple Trick to Increase Your Productivity

Finding Our WHY: The Beating Heart That Keeps Our Muse ALIVE

Five Epic Fantasy Conflicts Other Than War

History for Fantasy Writers: Journeymen

Identifying your Character’s Fatal Flaw

Writing Tips: 6 Ways To Give Perfectionism The Boot

You Should Quit Writing: Coexisting with the Naysayers in Your Head

Do I Need a Platform and If So, How High?

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday!  It is time for another top ten writing article links here on No Wasted Ink.  This week I have a great selection of general writing tips for you, including a few for writers of fantasy that should prove to be useful.  Enjoy!

Writing Women Characters Into Epic Fantasy Without Quotas

How to Make Your Reader Care About Your Characters

23 Tips for a Zero Waste Home Office

How To Create A Vivid Experience With Setting Descriptions

16 Concrete Tips for Effectively Editing Your Own Fiction

On Writing: Why Mastery Should Matter to the Serious Author

Is My Villain Who Feeds Off Negative Emotions Problematic?

Mythic Guide to Heroes & Villains — The Fatal Flaw and Unlikely Heroes

How To Challenge Toxic Masculinity As A Writer

Where Do Character Strengths Come From?

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Halloween! This Monday I have writing links of a somewhat ghoulish nature. LOL Actually, don’t let the titles of these articles fool you. All of them are chock full of great writing tips for authors. Stay safe during your trick or treat hours! And keep on writing.


Writing’s Secret Formula: How to Write Stories That Matter

How to Self-Publish and Market a Book: KEYWORDS

Can Writers Lose Their Fingerprints?

Thirteen Reasons Writers are Mistaken for Serial Killers

Five Ways to Handle Parents Without Killing Them

Collaborative Writing in a Shared World

Give Your Readers Someone to Hate

A Novelist’s Necessary Evils

10 Edgar Allan Poe Quotes for Writers and About Writing

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday! It is time for another round of writing links here on No Wasted Ink. This week I have a great bunch of writing craft articles for you. Some are for all writers and others for writers of fantasy and science fiction. I hope you find them to be useful! There is one article about rape and fiction that does contain situations of a sensitive nature. I believe the message of how to change this trope for today’s readers is important to consider, which is why it is included.

Conscience Place and Story Mind


5 Questions for Choosing a Protagonist Who Represents Your Story’s Theme

Back to the Basics

Narrative Drive – Do You Have It?

Motive: The Key to Writing Stories Readers Can’t Put Down

Six Rape Tropes and How to Replace Them

So, You Want to Be a Writer?

Writing Tips: Using Visual Inspiration For Your Stories

How to Ground (and Hook) Readers in Your Opening Scene