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No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Holidays!  I have another top ten list of writing articles for you to enjoy. Most concern the writer’s life and how to be more productive, but there are a few craft-related ones too.  I hope you find them useful!

How to Choose the Right Antagonist for Any Type of Story

Quick and Tidy Tips to Streamline Editing

What One Thing is Your Novel About?

Harnessing Your Passion to Strengthen Your Stories

The Biggest Blocks: Creating Names and Titles in Your Novel

Writer Wants Versus Reader Needs

Debunking Copyright Myths

Advice for Women with Book Advances

When and How Should Writers Negotiate Better Terms?

The Collage Method

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome back to another top ten writers links from No Wasted Ink.  This week I go more into the nuts and bolts of life as a writer with articles to help you produce more and others to improve your craft.

Age Is Just a Number

How to Overcome Fear as a Writer and Embrace Your Profound Courage

Boost Your Launch By Getting Reader Reviews

Learning From the Movies: The King’s Speech

Five Signs Your Narration Is Sexist

Is It Necessary to Write EVERY day?

Outlines Are for Revision (Say What?) A Different Approach for Your Process

Better World Libraries, Internet Archive Partner, Acquires Better World Books

NaNoWriMo Has The Writers To Solve The Book Industry’s Diversity Problem

16 Scrivener Tools and Tricks

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday!  I hope your holiday shopping is going well.  If you need a break, I have my top ten writing articles for your reading pleasure.  I hope you find these as useful as I did!  Enjoy.

Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well


2019 World Fantasy Convention Report

Old Women in SF—the List

How to Write Your Memoir Like a Novel

How to Evaluate Your WIP and Figure Out Your Next Steps

What Makes For The Perfect Ending? Make Your Choice

Five Things to Know When You Get Content Editing

Should You Edit As You Write?

How Myths & Lore Don’t Originate – And How They Do

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome back to No Wasted Ink!  Monday is our top ten list day and this week I have a great list of writing articles for you to view.  I hope you enjoy them!

This Is How to Transform Info Dumps Into Exciting Plot Reveals

Stretch Your Style

Five Reasons Stories Have Slow Openings, and How to Fix Them

Common Beginner Writer Mistakes

How to Hook Your Reader in Every Scene

Overcome Fear to Unbox Your Best Writing

Should Writers Use Social Media?

Punctuation Marks: The Serial Comma

Journaling to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

Authors! Refresh, Rehab, Repair, and Renovate: How to Rejuvenate Your Backlist

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

It is time for another top ten writing links here on No Wasted Ink.  This week I found an article or two about translation and narration in addition to general writing tips. I hope you like them!

A Writer’s Guide to Understanding People

Sneak Peek into Audiobook Narration

How Do I Use Public Domain Characters Respectfully?

Mythic Guide to Heroes & Villains — The Importance of the Villain

What Can the Best Metaphors in Literature Teach Us About Writing?

12 Book Translation Tips For Authors

Some Dos and Don’ts for Pitches and Blurbs

The Perils and Pitfalls of Research

5 Thoughts on How to Use Place to Move Your Story Forward

Storytelling Exercise: Plot Analysis