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No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday! It is time for another batch of writers links here on No Wasted Ink.  This week I have a nice grab bag of articles for you, from general writing tips, creating languages for your fantasy novel and a bit about the importance of having an author website.  Enjoy!

Secret-Keepers: Generate Page-Turning, Nerve-Shredding Tension

7 Ways to Defend Yourself from Writing Coach Scams

Are You Tethered to the Wrong Story?

New Writing Scams to Look Out for in 2019

Jack Kerouac On Writing

A Field Guide to Six Infectious YA Clichés

7 Online Resources for Creating Fantasy Languages

The Importance of Having a (Well-Designed) Author Website

What Writers Need to Know About Hooks

How to Create an Easy Habit of Daily Writing Without Willpower

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome back to another Monday of writers links here on No Wasted Ink.  This week I have plenty of general writing tips, a bit about women writers in science fiction, and a nice article on writing poetry.  Enjoy.

The History of Women in Sci-Fi Isn’t What You Think

Tools of the Trade: Whiteboard Wonders

Translating High-Profile Events into Fiction

How to Learn Poetry

Writing to Find Your Passions

Stephen King’s 10% Rule And The Secret Power Of The Delete Button

How to Create the Perfect Writing Process for You

Should You Give Non-Human Groups Marginalized Traits?

Mythic Guide to Heroes & Villains — Why Do We Have Heroes?

4 Tips For Authors in Public. How to Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

It is time for No Wasted Ink’s top ten writing articles.  Each week, I list the best of my internet reading for you to enjoy.  This week is a great crop of general writing tip articles that gave me much to ponder on.  I hope they do the same for you.

Plotting Asleep

A Horse Between Worlds: The Mystical Side of Sleipnir

The Inner/Outer Balance

Taking Character Relationships to the Next Level

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Infusing Emotion into Fiction

Tips to Develop Killer Creative Writing Skills

How to Write More in the Time You Have

How Developmental Editing Improves Your Writing

3 Steps for Writing Through Resistance to Release

Your No. 1 Secret Weapon: Writing Communities

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  This week I have a solid lineup of ten writing tip articles for you to enjoy.  Pour yourself a cuppa and sit back.  These are meaty ones.

Technology and Worldbuilding

What Mister Rogers Taught Us About Storytelling

The 10 Rules of Writing Large Casts of Characters

Networking For Writers

Navigating Families in Fiction

Five Surprisingly Successful Characters and Why They Work

Worldbuilding on the Crossroads

Beginnings and Backstory

5 Tips to Improve Your Next Novel Cover

Easy Steps to Succeed in Book Writing Plan

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  I have ten new links to articles to please your writing spirit.  There is an assortment of writing tips and writing life to tickle your fancy this January.  Enjoy!

A Book In My Ear: Audiobooks, the Writer’s Take

The Emotional Journey of Writing Fantasy

Analog Writing in the Digital World

The Current State of Artificial Intelligence

A Hook that Breaks the Rules

Revising a Novel: The Five Stages of Death, Dying & Drama

Eight Terrain Features for Fantasy Kingdoms to Fight Over

How to Find the Discipline and Focus to Write

Goal-Oriented Storytelling: Attachment

Writing with Tarot: How the Cards Point the Way to Your Story