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No Wasted Ink Newsletter & Ramblecast Debuts

No Wasted Ink
Newsletter & Ramblecast

April is National Poetry Month. It is a fitting time to debut my new monthly newsletter, “The No Wasted Ink Newsletter & Ramblecast”. The newsletter will feature an essay on various writing tip advice, debut my scifaiku poem of the month that will later appear on my instagram, and give my upcoming appearances, journal clips, and podcast guest hosting listings. The “Ramblecast” voiceover features a reading of my musing of the month, the essay, and the scifaiku poem. It is narrated by the poet, Wendy Van Camp.

Part of the reason I moved to substack is I can combine a voiceover of the newsletter to be sent along with the text. I also find the substack interface to be much easier to use than my previous hosting service. I’ve been meaning to put out a newsletter for quite some time. I hope everyone enjoys this one.

I will note that while I am the Poet Laureate of the City of Anaheim, CA, this newsletter is my personal offering and all views expressed in the text and on the ramblecast are my own.

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No Wasted Ink Newsletter & Ramblecast: