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Scifaikuest publishes – Scifaiku: Brainstorming Techniques by Wendy Van Camp

Scifaikuest February 2017


I am pleased to announce that my article “Scifaiku: Brainstorming Techniques” has been published in the February 2017 issue of Scifaikuest.  This is a print only magazine featuring scifaiku poetry edited by T. Santitoro.  The article describes my techniques for writing science fiction haiku.

Scifaiku: Starshot



self-healing transistor
thrusts forward in space
alpha centauri beckons

A Scifaiku by Wendy Van Camp
Illustrated by Wendy Van Camp

Scifaiku poem is inspired by Stephan Hawking’s “Project Starshot” which may send human’s first interstellar probes to another star system.