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Author and Poet Wendy Van Camp

Wendy Van Camp can be contacted via any of the following:

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Twitter: @wvancamp
I am active on Twitter. Feel free to follow me.

Facebook Author Page: No Wasted Ink
A more personal place than my blog where I comment about my writing for the day or post odds and ends.  You may message me here.  I check it almost every day.

Instagram: No Wasted Ink
Odds and Ends of the photographic variety.

Goodreads: Wendy Van Camp
Meet other readers. Rate my novels. See what I am reading. Connect with me.

Pinterest: Wendy Van Camp
My inspiration boards for various projects and hobbies.

Amazon Author Page: Wendy Van Camp
Come see what new books I have up on Amazon. Like my Amazon Author Page.

4 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Love your title “No Wasted Ink” — as a writer who wastes a lot of ink, I think I have a lot I can learn from you! PS – thanks for following my podcasting website House of Sound and Story.

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