Scifaiku: Diaspora

Scifaiku Poem Illustration: Dispora


life springs from the Earth
humans are as seeds on the wind
colonizing worlds

A Scifaiku by Wendy Van Camp
Illustrated by Wendy Van Camp

This scifaiku poem is inspired by the history of spaceflight and humanities need to seek new horizons.

This poem appears in “The Planets: a scifaiku poetry collection” available on AMAZON.

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome back to No Wasted Ink’s writer links.  This set is mainly general writing tips meant to help you up your writing game.  Advice for characters, conflict, and dialog abound here.  I hope you find them as useful as I did.

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Eccentric Orbits: a sci-fi poetry anthology Launches!

Eccentric Orbits: a sci-fi poetry anthology

Eccentric Orbits highlights sci-fi poets from around the globe, celebrating the diversity and unity of the poetic form.

Featuring poets: Andrew Burton, Deborah L. Kelly, Erin J. Bauman, Jane Jago, Ken Goudsward, Kimberly Nugent, Mike Van Horn, R. C. Larlham, Stephanie Barr, Thomas Van Horn, Wendy Van Camp, Lee Garratt


Proceeds go toward terraforming projects right here on earth through the efforts of who are working toward clean water for every earthling.

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday!  Welcome to another top ten writing links from No Wasted Ink.  This time the majority of the articles are craft related, ones that will get you thinking about the writing and publishing process.  I hope you find them useful!  Enjoy.

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Write Tight

Recording an Audio Version of Your Story

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