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No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  I have ten new links to articles to please your writing spirit.  There is an assortment of writing tips and writing life to tickle your fancy this January.  Enjoy!

A Book In My Ear: Audiobooks, the Writer’s Take

The Emotional Journey of Writing Fantasy

Analog Writing in the Digital World

The Current State of Artificial Intelligence

A Hook that Breaks the Rules

Revising a Novel: The Five Stages of Death, Dying & Drama

Eight Terrain Features for Fantasy Kingdoms to Fight Over

How to Find the Discipline and Focus to Write

Goal-Oriented Storytelling: Attachment

Writing with Tarot: How the Cards Point the Way to Your Story

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy New Year!  Welcome back to the start of another year of writers links from No Wasted Ink.  I have an amazing list of articles for you this morning that speak on the issues that we as authors face in the modern world.  Plus…a little Outlander one.  I’m a huge fan of this historical television series and the history of the lyrics of its theme song. I hope you’ll find it interesting too!

Modern Myth and Meaning: The Yule Log Lady

Why I’m Obsessed with the Outlander Theme Song(s)

Advanced Life Support for Writers

The Resolution That Solves All Problems

The 10-Step Checklist to Writing an Above-Average Novel

Five Things to Know about Being Published

Does Your Cover Need a New Year’s Makeover?

Going Beyond Google: How Fiction Challenges Us to Ask Tough Questions

Seven Things Writers Get Wrong About Language

3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Writing

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome back to another Monday of links to articles to help you with the craft of writing. This week, my surfing took me beyond the usual writing tips, although there are a few, to articles about libraries, poetry, and The Black Stallion.  So sit back and pour yourself a cup of coffee.  These are some interesting ones.  Happy Holidays to all!

The Value of Libraries

Racing the Wind with The Black Stallion

Five Common Storytelling Mistakes in the Pursuit of Social Justice

Paperback Formatting for Beginners

Theme Me Up: How to Develop Your Novel’s Theme

The Pitfalls of Self-Editing

The Key to Getting Published: Perseverance

What is Form Poetry?

Want to Write Your Life Story But Don’t Care to publish? Consider Legacy Writing

Stupid Writing Rules: Why to Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Writing Advice

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome to another Monday of No Wasted Ink’s writers links.  As I am a science fiction and fantasy author, for the most part, I tend to read articles relating to that genre.  This week, I have several entries for fellow writers in these genres in addition to the regular tips.  Pour yourself a cup of joe and sit back.  There is some interesting reading here should you choose to go forth.

How to Grapple With Discouragement in a Writing Career

The Accidental Catalyst: Andre Norton’s The X Factor

5 Ways to Successfully Start a Book With a Dream

How To Build A Rocking Character Profile

What I Wish I’d Known When I Started Writing

Should Your Sapient Aliens Be Bipedal?

History for Fantasy Writers: Millers

How To Plot, Outline, & Finish Your Story

Writing for Audiobook

The Editor Behind the Curtain: Inside the Publishing Process

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome to another edition of my longest running post series, the writer’s links!  Each Monday I share with you articles about the craft of writing, science fiction, fantasy, or (drumroll) fountain pens!  This week has plenty of writing tips for you to view plus a retrospective on the late great Stan Lee.  RIP.


You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

SF in Israel

It’s Not the Artificial Intelligences We Should Be Fearing

A Publisher Might Approach YOU: Four Stupid Mistakes to Avoid

Pyrography: For Those Who Need Fire to Create Their Art

How Many Viewpoint Characters in Your Novel?

Erroneous Code in Fiction

STAN LEE (1922-2018)

How to Choose Your Story’s Plot Points