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Quantum Entanglement Wins Critters Readers Poll for 2022

Quantum Entanglement
by Poets Thirteen
for Best Poem
25th Annual Critters Readers Poll

I’m stunned to discover that Quantum Entanglement, the group Renku I participated in last year from “The Lotus Tree Literary Review”, took the #1 winning spot for poetry at the 25th Annual Critters Reader Poll! Many thanks to my fellow poets who worked on the poem along side me and to poet Joshua St. Claire, our coordinator. The poem has also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Poetry.

Poets Thirteen: Joshua St. Claire, Wendy Van Camp, Joshua Gage, John J. Dunphy, Brian LeBansky, Alison Jennings, Harris Coverley, Lee Garratt, Matt Schumacher, Amber Winter, Carla Stein, Harris Coverley, and Irina Moga.

Critters is a well known speculative critique site where many pro writers participate. Their annual reader’s poll is famous in the speculative community.


Eccentric Orbits 3 made the top ten in the Anthology category at the 25th Annual Critters Reader Poll for 2022. Considering we are a young anthology series without a huge mailing list to support voting, I feel this is quite an accomplishment!


As editor of the anthology, I was honored someone out there thought to nominate EO3 for this award, but to rank in the top ten was beyond my expectations. Many thanks to all of you who came out and supported EO3 in the voting and to all the poets of EO3 for your hard work and dedication.

My essay Remembering James Gunn: Tapping into Your Muse for Creativity, published in “The Lotus Tree Literary Review”, has come in 5th place in the Nonfiction Articles Category. It is considered a top ten finalist at the 25th Annual Critters Reader Poll for 2022. I had no idea it had been nominated until after the results were announced! But I am filled with gratitude for the recognition and good will of my peers.


2022 Award Eligibility Post for Wendy Van Camp

Poet Wendy Van Camp on Amtrak Train - Art Shot

Better late than never, this is the obligatory award eligibility post that every author and poet in the universe does at this time of year…except this is the first time I’ve done it! I am eligible for a number of awards, but often forget to post which poems, essays, and stories published in the past year. You can also find this information in my general writing credits on my portfolio site http://wendyvancamp.com. This post makes the information easier to find.

I’ve published a mixture of speculative and literary poetry, essays, and of course, I’m the editor of Eccentric Orbits: An Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry. My published work is available to read online for free, with the exception of the anthology.


Cats Are Not Allowed in Paradise – The Junction – March
Boyajian’s Companions – Eccentric Orbits 3 – April
Magnetotail – Starlight Scifaiku Review – July
Grandfather’s Journey – The Lotus Tree Literary Review – November
Quantum Entanglement: A Renku by the Poets Thirteen (Pushcart Prize Nom) – The Lotus Tree Literary Review – November


Remembering James Gunn: Tapping into Your Muse for Creativity – The Lotus Tree Literary Review – November
Back It Up! A Good Habit For Authors – Writing Cooperative – October
Heinlein’s Space Cadet: A Book Review – The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review – April


Eccentric Orbits: An Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry – Vol. 3 – Dimensionfold Publishing – April

Eye To The Telescope – Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association – Fall Issue – October