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Google+ Communities for Author Promotion

GooglePlus_iconGoogle+ is a social platform similar to Facebook, but with a few more bells and whistles. I’ve been there for a long time as a user, but until 2012, the network was too small to be of benefit to me as a writer. This is changing rapidly. The communities on Google+ plus are growing at a steady rate, both in number and in size. It is well worth the time and effort to create an account there and get involved.

There are two main uses for writing communities on Google+. The first one is to find other writers to share information about the craft. As in any career, networking with fellow professionals for contacts or general knowledge how to work as a writer and author is important. Several writer communities on Google+ are excellent for this purpose. You will not be allowed to promote your blog posts or books in these communities, but these groups are useful in building your brand as an author.

Writing Resources
Writers helping Writers navigate the world of creative fiction and publication. No Promos Allowed.

Writer’s Discussion Group
A place for Authors to talk about all things Writing! No Promos Allowed.

The Writer’s Community
The art of communication. Words that paint pictures in the mind. No Promos Allowed.

The second use for writer communities is to promote your books and posts about writing. By promoting your book on a regular basis, you put your name out there as an expert in the field of writing and put your name out as an author with books for sale. You will want to find communities that allow promotional posts and fit within your genre. You should not bombard these communities with your promotions. I only post once per blog post that I am promoting or bi-monthly when promoting a short story or longer work. Any more than that and you risk alienating your possible readership. This is simply a starting point for blog post and book promotion. You should also seek out communities that relate to your genre or subject matter that also accept promotional posts.

Indie Readers & Writers
A home for supporters of all things indie and literary!

Indie Authors & Readers
A great place to spread the word about Indie Authored books & blogs.

Readers Meet Authors And Bloggers
A place for authors and bloggers to share their work with readers.

Authors & Marketing
Passionate about marketing your message in the digital era.

Author Marketing Club
Share your books & book marketing discussion.

Self promotion for Authors
Author sharing platform.

Writers’ Market, Tools, Tips, Showcase and Support
You will find the information on writer’s markets, tips and tools for your use and mutual support from the other members here.

Kindle & eBook Writers And Reviewers
A place to share work, gigs, offers, chat, argue and occasionally fart in public.

Writer’s Corner
Love to write stories, poems and all things?