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Writing Space: Ocean View A-Frame Home Office

Mountain A-Frame Home Office

Like many writers, I like to find different places to go write in. The comfortable wooden walls and nubby carpet floor, combined with the traditional office furniture, would certainly appeal to me as a rented writer’s work space. They say that being within a triangle brings the energy of the universe to you and this attic certainly has that going for it, along with a beautiful view. This Ocean View A-Frame Office is just another writer’s office inspiration here on No Wasted Ink.

Writing Space: Corner Home Office

Corner Home OfficeMany of us authors write in a space similar to this one. We are tucked away in a corner with a few certificates proudly displayed on the wall, a chair behind us for a spouse or our family dog, and our printers or desktop towers propped up on mis-matched furniture. Something about this particular space inspired me and I wanted to share it here on No Wasted Ink.

Writing Space: Loft Office

Loft Office

Finding space for your home office is often a challenge for an author. Children need the bedrooms, and a desk can over power a space. However, tucked away in this loft space is the perfect solution to this problem. Here, a comfortable little place to write has been carved out between the floors of this abode.

Please visit the full Carroll Gardens Abode Tour to see how this home has been designed.

Writing Space: Farm View Office

Gable Loft Office at the Farm

Overlooking six acres of fertile farm land in the heart of rural Iowa, Geoff and Joanna Mouming mix modern home design with their traditional lifestyle. Running a modern day farm requires a good office, just as it does for a writer. This office is perched in a gable of their farmhouse and has a window overlooking their beautiful Iowa fields. Just the right location for good inspiration.

If you’d like to see the full house tour, please visit Dwell.

Writing Space: Sophisticated Home Office

Sophisticated Home Office

I love the clean lines of this modern office. From the white drawers to the bead board/slat walls, all the lines create a feeling of vertical space. Being a desktop writer myself, I like how this office creates a designated space for the tower that is easy to reach from the chair. The simple curtains and the humble artwork helps to make the focus of the room on what you create rather than what fills the space. Notice that spare artwork is stored among the cabinets. I have artwork like that scattered about my office in a similar manner. Either pieces that I’ve painted and plan to sell to others or ones that I’ve kept for myself and haven’t quite figured out where they will be displayed.