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Writing Space: Understairs Writer’s Nook

Author's Understairs Writing Nook

When I was a little girl, my aunt’s house had a huge space under the stairs. I would duck into this space to play and made a general nuisance of myself. I suppose that it was because the space was not being used and tucked away that it appealed to me as a child.

This small writer’s nook seems an ideal way to use a space that might otherwise go to waste. A place where an adult might duck away to be creative. Not only is it functional, but the cabinets and woodwork are beautiful and add value to the home.

Interior Design by Sage Design Studio Inc.

Writing Space: Elegant Home Office

Elegant Home Office

This glamorous home office is a dreamy combination of creams and silvery blues. The elegant charcoal wallpaper is a foil for the lacquered desk and blue velvet furniture. I am not sure if I would be comfortable creating here, but I can see several of my characters inhabiting such a space. As an author, I like to collect interesting locations for my characters to live in. This is one such space.

Writing Space: Red, White and Black

Red, White and Black Home Office

As I design my own new home office space, one of the visual cues I decided to use was to change the main focus color of the space from blue to red. Red combined with black and white are primal colors that pull at our base. As infants, the first colors that the human eye can see are these three colors. Eventually, the others are added to the pallet. Perhaps that is why I find this color combination soothing and helpful as I work.

This is not my personal office, but the composition of this space along with the functional desk, fabulous clock, lovely fabrics and comfortable chair inspires me. I hope it will inspire you as well.

Writing Space: Thrift Store Find Home Office

Thrift Store Find Home Office

You don’t always need to buy a new desk when designing your writing space. This desk looks like one you might find at a yard sale, somewhat beat up, and of a style that was fashionable thirty years ago. Yet, paired up with a comfortable, but interesting chair and plenty of personal items to make the space your own, it serves as a functional and beautiful statement piece to work your office around. Don’t turn up your nose at thrift store finds, something you can find a diamond tucked away among the clutter.

Many thanks to Ray Down’s Tumblr Feed.

Writing Space: Romantic Home Office

Romantic Home Office

At times I have dreams of creating a new writing space that would inspire the romance in my stories. The feminine touch of this office inspiration touches on that idea. I can feel my bare feet snuggled into the white fur rug as my alphasmart Neo sits on the mirrored surface of this desk. The leather seat of the clear acrylic chair would be comfortable as glittering light shone down from the crystal chandelier. Perhaps this would be a good location for a character to be placed. That is what I love about finding images on the internet. One look and I am transported into a new world.

Many thanks to the designer, Vanessa DeLeon for her lovely home office design inspiration.