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Writing Space: Renee Johnson

I’ve been a regular reader of Renee’s blog Writingfeemail for almost a year and have come to enjoy her observations about life and writing. I am often amazed at some of the similarities writer’s share as they pursue their craft. I hope you’ll enjoy Renee’s guest post here at No Wasted Ink.

Renee Johnson Writer and BloggerReading consumed me as a child and the resulting nickname – Bookworm – stuck to me for many years. I wrote my first novel around the age of nine in pink ink on lined loose paper. But growing up in the late seventies and early eighties, I was advised to follow the trail of business, not passion. Pursuing one’s bliss didn’t come into fashion until I was knee deep in the professional world with a business degree under my belt. Although my creative writing professors always encouraged me to continue with my writing, it was thought to be something one did as a hobby instead of a career.

Then I married, had a child, and followed him around baseball fields until I woke up one morning and realized that he was at college three hours away and I had newly acquired free time.

So, I ran away to France to a little village named Essoyes and the Writing School taught by teacher, editor, and writer – Janet Hulstrand. There, I found the validation and confidence that I needed to pursue writing as a second act in my life.

I returned home and began to put the many things I learned into practice and started the blog: Writingfeemail. But it took a while to get a writing space set up that was comfortable and user friendly. I found that I was constantly looking for things like staplers, post-it notes, paper clips, ink pens, etc. So I found a great divided organizer that matched my writing desk and it has been the single best piece of furniture that I have ever bought. Nothing is further than a fingertip away and the dividers keep it all separated so that I don’t have to dig around to find what I need.

Renee Johnson Writing Room

And the desk is in a room upstairs away from the bustle of normal traffic coming in and out of the house. That way I can get a bit more privacy. The small sofa and love seat are perfect for kicking back and proofreading my work or just offering a bit of a rest after hunching over the keyboard for too long.

Renee Johnson Writing room with sofa

There is a second writing tool that I use, especially when traveling. It is a laptop computer. And I have a brown leather journal that I love to carry around and jot notes in. But lately I’ve found that the notepad application on my blackberry has replaced the handwritten notes and that is probably a shame. Combing over my little notations often sparks the fire again for a project in a way that a typed note in the phone just doesn’t!

To read more about my experiences in Essoyes at the Writing School visit writingfeemail.

Writing Space: Lori Freeland

One of my hopes of the writing space series was to highland professional writers who are not necessarily novelists. Lori is a journalist, a published writer of articles and quite an interesting woman. I hope you enjoy her introduction here and also check out her articles elsewhere.

Lori Freeland Writing SpaceI’ll give you three guesses as to where my creativity flows best, but you’re not allowed to laugh. Okay, you can, but just a little. We writers are super sensitive.

Will you find me blogging, editing, or writing stretched out in the garden tub in front of the opaque window in my bathroom? Perched on the high bar stool at the island in my burgundy and chocolate kitchen? Or slumped in the olive-and-cream stripped wing chair in my bedroom?

Which did you pick?

I’d write in the bathtub if I could, that’s where I love to read. Hence my resistance to purchase a Kindle. But electronics and water aren’t the best combination. Sadly, I’ve learned this from personal experience involving a toilet and a cell phone.

My kitchen wins loudest room in the house, what with three children constantly opening and closing the refrigerator and panty door, whining, “There’s nothing to eat,” or “I hate fish.”

Which leaves the wing chair in my bedroom.

I have a thing for being comfortable. Feet pulled up and legs crossed, back pressed against the soft back of my grandmother’s favorite chair, sometimes even a blanket covers my lap. If I’m not comfortable, I can’t think. Or write. And if I’m not comfortable, I get distracted. Plus, my kids haven’t learned to pick the lock on my bedroom door. Yet. That’s always a bonus.

I won’t make you guess my writing tool of choice.

It’s a laptop.

Lori Freeland Writing ToolMy fingers have somehow trained themselves to speed across the keys and match my thought process. I do a lot of stretching with my left pinky to tap delete, delete, delete. Not quite the same feel when you do it with a pencil, an eraser, and a notepad. If that were all I had to work with, no words would end up on the page. No good words anyway. And it’s almost impossible to cut and paste on real paper. Add in the Sticky Note function on Word, and I couldn’t do without my laptop.

Before I began writing, I read. All the time. Different genres from romance, to historical fiction, to FBI thrillers, to Young Adult fantasy. So it’s not surprising that I’m an eclectic writer as well. When it comes to my passions, I’m a little ADD. I need variety to keep up with my attention span.

My blog supports two sides of me. I post inspirational devotions as well as tips for new writers. You can find my byline in articles in various Christian publications and on blogs for Crosswalk.com and Believe.com. I have a short romantic story coming out in an anthology in November to benefit a wildlife refuge in Arkansas and my current passion is the YA science fiction/fantasy novel I’m editing and getting ready to query.

Writers are so different, aren’t they? As artists, we all have our own space, process, and tools. Yet, in a way, writers are all the same. They can’t not share what’s going on inside their heads and that’s how the best stories get out there.

Writer Lori FreelandLori Freeland, a freelance writer from the Dallas area, is an editor for The Christian Pulse, a writing coach for the North Texas Christian Writers, and a coffee addict with three awesome kids, an even better husband, and is pet mom to various animals that have wandered into her house. You can find her at lafreeland.com. Facebook. Twitter.