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No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome back to No Wasted Ink’s writer links.  This set is mainly general writing tips meant to help you up your writing game.  Advice for characters, conflict, and dialog abound here.  I hope you find them as useful as I did.

Writing Unlikeable Characters Readers Will Root For

Creativity vs. the Ego (Or, the Value of Unpublishable Stories)

Scene Writing is Where the Fun Happens

Six Tips for Avoiding Repetitive Conflict

Why All Writers Need A Structural Toolbox

How The 12-Week Year Can Help You Write Your Novel

sounds of silence: When writer’s block strikes

Change Your Author Blog into an Author Website

6 Common Dialogue Mistakes

Writing When You’re Not Writing

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday!  Welcome to another top ten writing links from No Wasted Ink.  This time the majority of the articles are craft related, ones that will get you thinking about the writing and publishing process.  I hope you find them useful!  Enjoy.

Clueless Advice People Give New Writers: 10 Things to Ignore

3 Unique Research Methods for Identifying Small Publishers

How to choose a book title

What is a Charm?

Can You Learn Good Storytelling From A Bad Writer?

5 Questions About How to Balance Multiple POVs in Your Story

Building a Writing Community and Magazine

Write Tight

Recording an Audio Version of Your Story

How I Trick My Panster Brain into Plotting

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink Writers Links. Below are ten articles about the craft of writing or topics of interest to science fiction or fantasy readers for your enjoyment. So pour yourself a nice cuppa tea and sit back. There is interesting reading ahead.

In Search of the MacGuffin

The Secret Language of Vikings

How to Use Failure in Your Story

Avatars of the Divine: Gods Living Among the Ancients

9 Time Management Tips For Writers

Regarding Readership—My New Take

Don’t Give Your Readers a Reason to Reject your Novel

Audiobook Publishing and Distribution: Getting Started Guide for Authors

The Dilemma of the Prolific Writer

Making It Different – Pushing Genre Boundaries in Fantasy

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday! Welcome back to writer’s link day here on No Wasted Ink. This set are mainly writing tip articles, but there is a nice poetry prompt list that I wanted to share with you as well. I hope you find the articles as interesting as I did. Enjoy.

Pace Your Prose — Three Thoughts on Timing

Futuristic First Aid: High-tech Wound Care

Lovecraft’s Notes On Writing Weird Fiction

Thoughts on How to Be Critical of Stories in a Way That Makes a Difference

Emotional Truths, Insights, And Emotions Are Key To A Great Novel

Key Ways to Adding Depth to Any Setting: Resources & Tips

The Four Essentials of an Effective Character Arc

Taking it Scene by Scene: The “Middle Level” of Writing

Becoming a Multigenre Writing Master

100 Poetry Prompts

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to the top ten articles on writing craft for science fiction and fantasy readers and writers. As I surf the internet, I like to save articles that I found to be interesting to share with the readers of No Wasted Ink. I hope you enjoy this week’s offering!

Attract Your Readers: 4 Steps to Your Author Branding Statement

A Worldbuilding Guide to Crafting Diverse Cultures

“Too Old for Narnia”: Belief, Fandom, and the End of Wonder

Earning the right to complete Sanditon: Originally a competition for Austen’s Nephews and Nieces

What’s the Best Way to Discover Your Story?

Shining Light on Black Authors in Every Genre

These self-published authors are actually making a living. Here’s how.

The Best Fonts for Books

The Web of Writing

To tag or not to tag—when author feedback gets personal