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Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink!

As we put a welcome close on 2020, I am reflecting on all that happened during this remarkable and  extraordinary year.

Things started out well.  I was on track to becoming a Poet Laureate in my hometown.  I was not going to apply for the job, but received an email from the head librarian on the day the job closed telling me that the position had reopened for one week.  I was strongly urged to apply.  So I did!

I was interviewed in January by a panel of city officials. Then heard nothing until the first week of March. I was to come to city hall for fingerprinting. This is the first step in the hiring process, although it was stressed that I did not officially have the job until the council met for final approval.  I was also scheduled for several live readings to promote my poetry book “The Planets”. This included a huge science fiction festival in San Francisco.

Then the pandemic hit during the second week of March. My world crashed in.  I faced empty shelves at the grocery store and in my home’s pantry.  TP became a scare item.  My husband’s new job moved to our home.

One by one, all my events canceled.  In June, I got word from the city that they had decided to shut down the Poet Laureate program. Their reason being that all city programming was closed indefinitely.

Yet, when a door closes, sometimes a window will open.

Out of the blue, I received an invite to be a panelist on the Sci-Fi Roundtable Podcast.  April through June, I spent my weekends recording with my fellow science fiction writers as we talked about genre, tropes, and writing tips.  I ended up recording around 15 or so episodes which are  trickling out this year and into 2021.  The podcast gave me something to look forward to each weekend and helped keep me grounded.

Virtual Conventions started in May and I found I was welcomed as a panelist in venues that used to be too far away for me to consider in the past.  I volunteered to read the winning poetry from the Balticon poetry contest as my first virtual convention.   I ended up being in programming at a half dozen events in addition to being an artist at my regular cons such as Comic Con and SD Who Con in CA.

I have participated in several writing challenges, all done from my home office.   I have written a couple of flash fictions, a novella draft, and completed a full revision pass on one of my WIP novels.  While I have not been publishing much, I have been getting things done.

Like many of us, I am looking forward to the New Year and hoping that we can all get back to normal lives.

Stay safe and be well,


Happy New Year From No Wasted Ink

Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink!

As 2019 closes, I am left with feelings of amazement and determination. I found focus and finished the poetry collection I had been working on and off for the past four years. It published last October and I’m pleased with how it turned out. I also had a great time at several science fiction conventions and an awesome writing conference this past fall. Thank you to all who I connected with this past fall. You all inspire me.

Winter is always a time of reflection and of prioritizing projects.  2020 is no exception. There will be a few changes to No Wasted Ink this year.  I have decided to scale back my posting to only twice a week instead of three times a week.  The posts will be more focused on writing and less on graphics, with the exception of my illustrated scifaiku.

I am going to be posting my newsletter once a month instead of being quarterly.  The newsletter with feature news of my writing progress, links to the various places where my work publishes in addition to No Wasted Ink, and recommendations of books I’m reading. From time to time, there will also be giveaways. If you are interested in what is going on behind the computer screen, the newsletter is where you should be.

No Wasted Ink will continue to feature my top ten lists, author interviews, my articles, my illustrated scifaiku poems, and guest posts about the craft of writing or posts of interest to science fiction/fantasy readers.  Instead of spending time on filler blog posts, I would rather put the time toward creating new books, short stories, and poetry.  It is time for a new direction in my writing.

Thank you all for following along here at No Wasted Ink, my little home on the internet. There are over 1000 posts on the blog, going back six or seven years. I never thought that I’d be writing this blog for as long as I have, but it has been worth it to me and I hope that you have also found the blog to be of some small value.

Enjoy the New Year!  May it prove to be rewarding and prosperous to us all.