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Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink

At the start of each year, I like to post a retrospective of the previous year. For many, 2021 meant isolation and difficult times. A fact that I’m painfully aware of and feel compassion for those experiencing this. But for me, life turned out to be the opposite. I soared with new opportunities to teach, read my poetry and prose at major conventions, and discovered online writing and critique groups that helped me stay focused and replaced the in-person venues I used to attend.

It was a good year for my husband as well. His firm shifted him to home-based work at the start of the pandemic and toward the end of 2021, that shift was made permanent. It makes my life easier knowing that he is gainfully employed and able to stay safely at home while we ride out the adventure that is Covid 19 together. We are now a household with a dueling office and studio, each at one end of the house, and it seems to work for us. Zoom is vital for our work and being able to connect at will in a private location has been helpful to us both. Our two fur babies are at constant play, a smug yellow tabby and a sweet wirehair dachshund who follows my husband everywhere. They keep us smiling.

The first quarter of 2021, I returned to virtual conventions where I had established myself as a panelist during 2020, and attended a few additional writing conferences. I made the level of “featured guest” at one convention due to setting up a complete poetry performance track at the venue, which is one step below guest of honor. I also taught my scifaiku poetry workshop at several of the conventions and due to this, was hired by a museum to teach the same class for their program in the fall.

During this quarter, I managed to complete a full revision of my Austen Regency book and made progress on tying new characters and story threads to the 3rd and 4th book of the series. I am not quite ready to publish book two, but it is close. I am working on getting covers for the entire series of four books and setting up an imprint for them. This takes capital and time, but I feel that in the end, it will be the correct move for my regency and science fiction books of the future. While I realize there are readers waiting for book two, I’d rather put out something that I’m proud of than rushing to market and “fixing” it later.

My first quarter also saw me become the editor of “Eccentric Orbits”, an anthology of speculative poetry put out by Dimentionfold Publishing. EO2 is the first anthology that I have edited and I feel proud of the project. I had poets submit from all over the world and had a good range of diversity, age, and gender included. I have been invited to return as editor of “Eccentric Orbits” for 2022 and also will be editing an edition of “Eye to the Telescope” for the SFPA next fall.

The second quarter of 2021 I tried to take a short break from speaking and took a poetry writing class instead. I wanted to create more long form poetry instead of the science fiction haiku I’m known for. I ended up writing literary pieces in the class, which I found surprising considering my speculative background, but also invigorating to explore a new side to my creativity. I have a future literary project I wish to pursue, a hybrid poetry and prose book that I plan to illustrate, and this class helped me decide on the format and tone of this future book.

The third quarter of the year, I was invited to be on the admin team of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. They created a new job title for me as their inaugural Con Coordinator. As it was put to me, I’ve been out there for the past two years creating panels for speculative poets at conventions all over the United States, I might as well be official! I started in September and I’m looking forward to a busy year in 2022 coordinating events for myself and my fellow SFPA poets.

The final quarter of the year, life took off like a rocket. The conventions switched from being totally virtual, to being hybrid. I flew to Denver to attend an in-person MileHiCon. My illustrated poetry appeared in their artshow, I had an author table, and appeared in a large number of panels as a speaker and reader. It felt very good to be back among people once more. We were all careful to wear masks and I ended up eating in my room for the most part, but even so, I was glad to be back to semi-normal at a convention. This quarter, I attended a week long writing conference in Las Vegas, taught an in-person poetry workshop in San Diego, and attended WorldCon virtually in December. The convention was hybrid with the physical part of the convention in Washington, DC. It felt strange to have a major convention the week before Christmas, but we all made it work.

And now, here we are at the New Year! I am grateful to have a solid roof over my head and the health to continue to create the poetry and stories that I love to write. I’m diving more into watercolor, gouache, and color pencils and hope to have new colorful mixed media offerings at the upcoming 2022 art shows.

Happy New Year! I hope you all can look forward to positives in the upcoming year and that the world as a whole can continue to move to a more normal life.

Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink



Every January 1st, I find that I’m in a juxtaposition between looking back at the previous year and looking forward to the next. I am grateful for each day and for the support and affection of my husband and the friendship offered by my local writing community. Thank you all for being there for me during this past year.

2018 was a difficult year for me in many ways. I spent most of the first half of the year healing from a major surgery that happened in 2017. It was not until August of 2018 that I felt strong enough to attend events with any sort of normality although, I did manage to squeeze in a few local events where I did not need to travel at the beginning of 2018. The end of the year saw me back out in the world at conferences and conventions. In particular, I am grateful for the new writing techniques I learned at the 20Books Vegas Writing Conference, and the fellowship of my fellow writers at both WorldCon San Jose and LosCon in Los Angeles.

It was a productive writing year since most of my time was spent at home. I worked on my novel Christmas in Kellynch (The sequel to The Curate’s Brother) and find that it is close to completion. I also wrote for publications on Medium, offering new stories, articles, and poems almost every month of the year. Most of my work there can be found in the following magazines: Writing Cooperative, Lit Up, and The Junction. My columns at Luna Station Quarterly resumed on their blog after the magazine took a long hiatus. It is great to be back there.

I am in a happy place with my writing this year. I am looking forward to participating in writing challenges via a few of my online writing communities. I feel established at Medium and intend to continue with my monthly submission process in the hope to publish a few items each month as I had during 2018. Via the new writing techniques I learned at the conference, I’m hoping to push forward with my Austen series and make progress on the three remaining novels of the series this year. I’m not sure if I can publish them all this year, but I’m going to make a good effort to try.

I am planning on attending conventions and conferences next year, but it will likely be a lighter schedule than I’ve done in the past. I want to find more time in my home studio to sketch and paint my poetry Illustrations and keep up with my writing schedule. One of Heinlein’s rules for writers is to finish what you start. It is time that I started getting more of my writing projects done and up onto Amazon for you all.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink


Happy New Year everyone!

No Wasted Ink is undergoing a few revamps to its look and format. Every year, I like to make a few changes to keep things fresh and to tweak my calendar to keep my own creative juices flowing. This year, I want to focus more on creating books, novellas, a new poetry chapbook, scifaiku wall art, and continue in my efforts to write short stories to publish in magazines. All the fun things that we writers do for a living. No Wasted Ink is still going strong with great page views and a large twitter following. I thank you all for your kind comments and interest for the past five years that this blog has been active. Your participation helps to keep me motivated and writing and I bless you all for that.

What’s in the pipeline:

New Graphics for No Wasted Ink!

  • New headers for posts
  • Writer infographics
  • New newsletter logo

No Wasted Ink’s Quarterly Newsletter will launch!

I’ve had the signup for my newsletter on the site for ages, but have been tardy getting the newsletter going. The first one goes out today and it will a simple welcome to the mailing list. Future newsletters will have: poetry or flash fiction, book/novella launch announcements, appearance announcements and other odds and ends. I hope to make it more entertaining than a simple announcement newsletter.

Book Reviews

Due to my focus on getting more books finished, I will be writing fewer book reviews this coming year. I want to continue with them, since they do reprint in various magazines and I want to continue my contributions, but I acknowledge that the book reviews are the most labor intensive writing I do for No Wasted Ink. Look for them to be only once a month instead of twice a month as in previous years.


Happy New Year from No Wasted Ink

New Year's Day Vintage Postcard (1909)

Happy New Year!!!! It is one year since I started this writing blog here at wordpress. I was not sure how it would catch on and I’ve been astounded by the number of visitors that choose to come here and read my book reviews, musings about the craft of writing, and to read interviews about my fellow authors. Thank you for visiting my home on the internet and it is my hope that you will continue to return for another year of writing posts, publishing announcements, and other literary goodies during 2013.