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No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome back to another Monday of writers links here at No Wasted Ink.  This week is a grab-bag of general writing articles.  As usual, I stay away from raw beginner concepts and try to find concepts that are a bit more intermediate or advanced.  I hope you enjoy them!

Captain Marvel Doesn’t Know She’s On Camera

When Zero Is Greater Than One

Insider Secrets for Indie Authors and Small Presses from Amy Collins of New Shelves Books

Should Beginning Writers Imitate the Greats?

4 Essential Ingredients in Every Powerful Story

9 Pieces of Bad Publishing Advice New Writers Should Ignore

3 Tips for Improving Show, Don’t Tell

Just Write the Story

The Log-Line: Can You Pitch Your ENTIRE Story in ONE Sentence?

Five Tips for Characters That Go Against the Flow

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome to No Wasted Ink Writers Link day.  Every Monday I give a roundup of links that I’ve been surfing this past month that I felt were of a bit more substance or of interest to writers.  I hope you enjoy them.

Self-Doubt is Not Good

3 Writing Techniques Adapted from the Visual Arts

Types of Rhymes in Poetry

When to Use Summary to Move Your Story Along

The Power of a Single Word: 4 Tips for Stronger Writing

Writers and Dreaming

Back to School: Why Great Papers, Essays, and Blogs Need Outlines

Six Sources of Conflict for Your World

The Surprising Things I Learned Writing Fan Fiction

5 Reasons This Is The Best Time To Be A Creator

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday.  I am back with another ten writing-related links for your enjoyment.  More about issues of women in stories and what changes we can make about it, general writing tips and a little about journaling.

Eight Absurdities We Force on Female Characters


Writing Women With Sharp Edges

25 Truths About the Work of Writing

3 Layers of Writing Mastery: Which One Is Most Important?

How to Break Through a Fiction Writing Block

Journaling Through Relationships: Death and Grieving

Want to Self-Publish Fiction Successfully? Follow These 9 Tips

Rules, Guidelines, and Just Plain Bad Advice

How to Write About Negative Leads

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


No Wasted Ink is proud to present writing craft links on Monday.  This long-running series is one of the more popular ones on my blog.  I do my best to hand curate articles that I find interesting and enlightening for writers in the speculative genre to enjoy with your morning coffee at the start of the week.


What Ian Fleming Did to Make James Bond a Success

Does Your Story Have a Solid Foundation?

Who’s Going to Help Your Hero?

How to Map a Fantasy World

From Whence Cometh Ideas? 10 Fun Idea-Generating Activities and Story Starters

10 Reasons Storytellers Should Dabble in Poetry

10 Tips for Strengthening Your Unique Writing Voice

For Indie Publishers: When and Why to Work with a Trade Book Distributor

How Do You Decide Who Your Protagonist Is?

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  This week the writers links are mainly writing craft related, along with a few science fiction related topics.  Pour yourself a good cup of joe or your favorite tea and take a look.  I think you’ll find something of interest here.

10 Modern Proofreading Tips to Catch More Avoidable Goofs


Problematic Classics: Four Questions to Ask When Beloved Books Haven’t Aged Well

10 Mistakes I Made as a New Indie Author

Put Some Snap in Your Style

Is Collaborative Writing on the rise? And Making the Most of It

This Star Trek Fan Theory Explains Why the Borg’s Attacks on the Federation Make No Sense

The Self-Publishing Path: It’s Often Anything But “Self”

Communicating with Poetry: The Search for Deeper Meaning

Writing Tools: Speech to Text Software – Is It Right for You?