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No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome to my top ten writer links!  Each Monday I highlight articles about the craft of writing that I found useful in my weekly surfing of the internet.  I hope you enjoy this bunch.  There are plenty of informative pieces to ponder here.

Writing Contests are Important: How To Tell the Good Ones from the Scams

7 Things Your Character Is Hiding

4 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A Little Something Extra

Six Mistakes That Can Kill a Great Plot

3 Tips for Writing Action Scenes

How To Use Your Book Cover To Sell More Books

Twitter Pitch Like You Mean It!

Useful Time Management Hacks Every Writer Should Know

Writing Characters That Are ‘Smarter’ Than You

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  Welcome to another batch of writers links here on No Wasted Ink.  As usual, I have a good number of general writing articles for you, but also a few on conferences and audio books.  I hope you find them to be good reads.

5 Tips to Start Writing a Memoir

Writing Conference

Feedback: the Giving and the Receiving

Your Online Presence: 10 Mistakes for Authors to Avoid

7 Things to Try When Writing Is Hard

Studying Stories as a Writer

Using Real People in Historical Fiction

Seven Signs of Bad Media Analysis

7 Reasons To Narrate Your Own Audiobook

One Common Way Writers Weaken Their Descriptions

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  It is time for another ten writer links here on No Wasted Ink.  This week I have a nice selection of general writing tips with a few that specialize in the fantasy genre.  I hope you enjoy them!

What Is Writer’s Block and How to Overcome It with These 8 Strategies

Rendering Dialects and Accents in Dialogue

When Your Characters Have Minds of Their Own

Improving Your Writing With Dungeons & Dragons

The Problem With Oppressed Mages

How to Choose Sounds for a Fantasy Language

3 Signs It’s Time to Stop Editing That Manuscript

Writing a Novel: Top 10 Editing Tips

All Is Lost: Four Kinds of Death in Fiction

How to start a book group

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  No Wasted Ink is back with another top ten writing articles for your enjoyment.  It is time to pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit back and relax.  I hope you enjoy the article selection this week.

Memoir Writing: 7 Questions to Help you Get Past the Surface and Deepen Reflection

Truths about Publishing You Can Only Learn in the Trenches

7 Tips for a Successful Relationship with Your Book Cover Designer

Procrastination is a Self-Perpetuating Cycle: 9 Tips for Getting Unstuck

Unsnagging Your Plot

Lessons From The Maze Runner’s Point of View Disaster

5 Myths About Writing Characters

How To Make Your Audiobook Work For You

What to Do if Your Book Cover Sucks

6 Top Tips to Build Writing Focus with Pavlov and Pomodoros

No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday!  This week I have a solid lineup of ten writing tip articles for you to enjoy.  Pour yourself a cuppa and sit back.  These are meaty ones.

Technology and Worldbuilding

What Mister Rogers Taught Us About Storytelling

The 10 Rules of Writing Large Casts of Characters

Networking For Writers

Navigating Families in Fiction

Five Surprisingly Successful Characters and Why They Work

Worldbuilding on the Crossroads

Beginnings and Backstory

5 Tips to Improve Your Next Novel Cover

Easy Steps to Succeed in Book Writing Plan