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No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday! No Wasted Ink has another top ten writer links for your enjoyment. This week I have several interesting articles about writing, one about haiku poetry, and a little one about typewriters you might find amusing. Keep on writing and those of you who are prepping for Nanowrimo, good luck!

Are you engaging in Tsundoku?

Some fairy tales may be 6000 years old

Building an Author Platform


John Vernon Lord’s Whimsical Illustrations for James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake

The Joys of Fresh Platen Rubber on Old Writing Iron


The Golden Age of Science Fiction: Novels of 1979

What is a tall tale?


No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink’s writer links. Every Monday I post a top ten list of writer-related articles that I found surfing the internet that I felt were noteworthy I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

When the Book Takes Over Everything

Seven Stories With Contrived Character Conflict

Motivation for Character Arc: A Different Approach

How To Turn Your Novel Into A TV Series


Leave a Message at the Tone: Setting the Right Tone for Your Novel

How does an independent bookstore survive for 90 years?

Our Brains Tell Stories So We Can Live

Feminize Your Canon: Cora Sandel

How to Consistently Write Faster

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday! Each week I offer up a top ten list of articles that I find interesting as an indy author. There are links to general writing tips, help with your author career path, and sometimes articles that simply tickled my fancy. I hope you enjoy reading them. Let me know your favorites in the comments.

How to Establish a Long-Term Writing Career: Insight From Two Literary Agents

How to Write While Not Writing

Building an Author Platform: What It Is, Why You Need One, and How to Get Started


Get More Done By Giving Yourself Less Time

In It to WIN It: How Committed Are You to Being a Successful Author?

Choosing Naval Tactics for Your Pre-Gunpowder World

Habitable Planets: Exoplanet Research for Worldbuilding

How To Become A Creative Writer & Figure Out What You Should Write

Writers, Remember: The Wand Chooses The Wizard

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink’s top ten writer links. Every Monday I share writer links from my personal surfing of the internet, showcasing the ones that I found to be the most useful or interesting. I hope you enjoy them!

Hometown Book Marketing: How to be a Star Author in your Hometown

The Big Memoir Pitfall to Avoid

How Hearing Voice(s) Led to Order In a Previously Chaotic Manuscript

Using Facts As the Base of Science Fiction


How to Evoke Reader Emotions With “Surprisingness”

A Powerhouse Secret for Point of View

Pitch Perfect: Can You Sell Your Story in ONE Sentence?

Filling In Your Story’s Middle

Mythic Guide to Heroes & Villains — Destined and Wounded Heroes

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink’s writing links. Each Monday I make a top ten list of writerly articles that I found useful during my personal surfing of the internet. Most are general writing tips, but sometimes I go a little afield in topics of interest to me. I hope you enjoy them!

Good Story Endings: Happy or Sad, or Something Else?

How to Get Out of the Writing Doldrums

How to Write a Page Turner: Master the 7 Rules of the Cliffhanger

Do I need to start my book with a prologue?

Writing About Your Life Without Ruining Your Relationships

Fly Me to the Moon: Fantasy versus Reality

How to Tell if Your Story Has Too Much Plot, Not Enough Character

Ten Ways to Support Other Authors

Evolution of a Cover: ISABELLA MOON

Deep POV: What IS It & Why Do Readers LOVE It So Much?