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SciFaiKu – [bluer and brighter] by Wendy Van Camp

[bluer and brighter]
a scifaiku poem

[bluer and brighter]
a scifaiku poem
by Wendy Van Camp

bluer and brighter
at fraction the speed of light
we sail toward the warmth

The poem was first published in the Spring 2023 issue of The Starlight Scifaiku Review by Starship Sloane Publishing.

The inspiration for this astropoetry/scifaiku poem is taken from an article about a group of scientists that are studying how fast the Earth is falling through the universe. Yes, someone is actually researching this!

Eccentric Orbits 4 Launches!

Eccentric Orbits 4 Launches!

As Editor, I am pleased to announce that ECCENTRIC ORBITS 4 has officially launched! This anthology of science fiction poetry features poets from all over the globe and represents many cultures by diverse wordsmiths, but all in the genre of science fiction.

Eccentric Orbits: An Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry, volumne 4 is available as a paperback and an ebook, both via directly from the publisher https://dimensionfold.com and on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C4LGMVFW

Featured poets:

Allen Ashley, Faruk Buzhala, Dale Champlin, Linda M. Crate, Binod Dawadi, Melissa Ridley Elmes, Gary Every, Mark A. Fisher, Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Lee Garrett, John Grey, Bradley Earle Hoge, Erin Jamieson, Alshaad Kara, Deborah L. Kelly, Gerri Leen, Goran Lowie, Richard Magahiz, Jack Massa, Mike McCormick, Gerald D. Nordley, Ramona Ridgewell, Roxana Negut, RK Rugg, Joshua St. Claire, F Stephan, J. J. Steinfeld, Lisa Timpf, Liz Tuckwell, DJ Tyrer, Wendy Van Camp, Jeff Young

The Planets: A Poetry Collection by Poet Laureate Wendy Van Camp

The Planets: A poetry collection by Poet Laureate Wendy Van Camp

The Planets: a scifaiku poetry collection is a literary journey through our solar system featuring poems inspired by the nine planets. All the scifaiku and astropoetry is meant to inspire you to seek out and learn more about the history of human’s exploration and the physical characteristics of the these fascinating worlds.

The inspiration for this poetry collection was born from my love of the NASA space program.

Wendy Van Camp is both the poet and the interior illustrator for the collection. The book was a finalist for the Elgin Award for Best Speculative Poetry Book of the Year for 2020 and 2021. Wendy credits this collection of astropoetry with gaining the post of Poet Laureate for the City of Anaheim, a city that embraces STEM, supporting science in our education system.

Currently, Wendy Van Camp is composing a new astropoetry/scifaiku book called Time and Space. Look for it and for The Planets on Amazon.

Wendy Van Camp Published in The Starlight Scifaiku Review, Spring 2023

Wendy Van Camp published in The Starlight Scifaiku Review, Spring 2023

In this third issue of the annual journal, my two astropoetry scifaiku series appear:

Cosmological Speed
Ode to James Webb

Cosmological Speed is the study of the stars to discover our speed of movement through the universe. The ode is about the various machines on the famous telescope and how it studies the stars.

You can find both of my poems on page 13 of the issue.

Many thanks to our editor for giving my poetry space! It is always a delight to be part of this annual speculative journal.


SciFaiKu – Ark

Scifaiku Poem - Ark
slingshot to Mars
a hollow asteroid ark
immigration begins

A Scifaiku Poem by Wendy Van Camp

slingshot to Mars
a hollow asteroid ark
immigration begins

Time travel has always been a favorite science fiction concept for me. I am drawn to the paradox of such stories. I ended up writing a series of scifaiku on the topic, drawing from this well known trope.

This poem is a part of the scifaiku poetry series about time travel which appeared in “Far Horizons”. This was a magazine of science fiction stories, art, and speculative poetry.