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2022 Rhysling Nominations – Eye To The Telescope 46

As Editor of “Eye To The Telescope 46”, Wendy Van Camp is proud to highlight three Rhysling Award Nominees for best speculative poem of 2022. It has been her pleasure to serve as a guest editor for the SFPA’s online literary journal.

After The Quest Is Over by Lisa Timpf
Aswang Shaman Communing with Diwata for the First Time by Vince Gotera

The Frosty Voyage by Adele Gardner


The Poets of LosCon48

Thanksgiving Weekend has come and gone and so has LosCon 2022. It was a busy week for the poets of SFPA.

We had two poetry panels. Pictured is our poetry reading “Imaginative Verse: A Reading of Speculative Poets” with Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Denise Dumars, Neil Citrin, Robin Rose Graves, and Wendy Van Camp. During the panel, we announced to the public the Rhysling Long Form winners and I read Beth Cato’s winning poem during our opening.

Our second panel was “The Art of Poetry” lead by Denise Dumars. Denise did a wonderful job showcasing our poets and explaining to the public what speculative poetry is and how to gain the courage to perform your poetry in public.

We also hosted a fantable for the SFPA giving out old copies of “Dreams & Nightmares” (a big thank you to David C. Kopaska-Merkel for his donation!) and copies of “Star*Line” (with thanks to our Star*Line editor Jean-Paul L. Garnier). I’m happy to report we had a few new sign-ups to join SFPA, and we certainly brought our organization more awareness.