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No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to another Monday of writer links from No Wasted Ink. This week I found many great articles on the writing process and about life as a writer. I hope you find them as interesting as I did. Enjoy!

Open Dyslexia From Both Press – Dyslexic-Friedly Books For Adults
The Fiction of Peace, the Fantasy of War
Future Worlds Prize for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers of Colour Taking Entries
Spec-Fic-Fu: How to Make Aliens and Robots Fight Better
A Virtuous Cycle for Marketing Your Books
Pros and Cons of Using Present or Past Tense – What is the Effect on Your Reader?
Staying Connected with Other Writers
Ethics, Integrity & Trust for Writers
Five Tips for Using an Arbitrary Magic System
8 Stages in the Life Cycle of a Writer: From the Aha! Moment to Beyond the Grave.

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink’s top ten writers links. This week I have many great writing tip articles for you, but also a sad obituary about author Norton Juster. I’ve been a fan of “The Phantom Tollbooth” since I was a child, and I note his passing with a regretful heart. I found another article about Heinlein’s 5 rules for writers. If you haven’t heard of his guidelines, it is worth checking out. Enjoy your week!

When Everything Changes – Capturing Profound Character Moments
Finding Your Way to the End
Picture Books for Older Readers
Tips for Working With a Social Media Assistant
Amazon withholds its ebooks from libraries because it prefers you pay it instead
The Phantom Tollbooth Author Norton Juster Has Died at 91
Make a Living at Writing?
Six Principles for Becoming a Better Worldbuilder
Heinlein’s Rules of Writing: Principles for Success
5 Ways to Use a Reading Journal to Improve Your Writing

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday! It is time for another round of writers links from No Wasted Ink. I’m excited by the new Scrivener 3 update. Have you heard about it? Below is a link to a great article on the steps to take to install the new program. There are a few more production and writing tips for you to enjoy too. Have a great week!

What is Prose Poetry?
Scrivener 3 For Windows Has Arrived!
The 10 Deadly Sins of Bad Editors
7 Questions You Have About Scenes vs. Chapters
How to Critique Other Writers’ Work
There are some things a poet cannot accept
How Not To Make A Book Launch Video
How to Give a Great Podcast Author Interview
Using Novel Writing Techniques in Your Memoir
All Four ‘Avengers’ Movies Are Getting Shakespeare Adaptations

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome back to another top ten of writers links from No Wasted Ink. This week I have plenty of writing tip articles for you to read, along with one on the history of pulp fiction, and tips for reading your poetry to an audience. Enjoy.

Poetry Workshop: Reading Your Poems Aloud

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Find the Ending Before You Return to the Beginning

A Brief History of Pulp Fiction

Writers, Who Decides Your Worth? Only You!

Summary Tells, Scene Shows: How To Use Each In Fiction And Memoir

Ridding Your Monsters of Ableism

Why Should You Join a Writing Community?

Revision Tips for Pantsers: 3 Steps to a Full Rewrite

Elements of Story: How Genre Impacts the Importance of Five Story Elements

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday! Welcome back to another writers links post where I curate ten writing related articles to recommend. This week I have a hodgepodge of articles with general writing tips, help for fantasy authors, and a good one about using Scrivener. Enjoy!

Basic Plots: Vonnegut’s Cinderella

The internet as we know it is doomed

How to Create a Convincing Fictional Technology

A Beginner’s Guide to Structuring Your Novel: Don’t Use a Plot Template

Writing Realistic Horses: Horse Psychology 101

Some Thoughts On Horror

A Different Way To Work With Revision

Writing to Escape

Ten Justifications for Oppressed Mages and Why They Fail

How to Find Anything in Scrivener 3