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No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome back to another Monday of writing links here on No Wasted Ink.  There is plenty here to entertain or inform you about the craft of writing. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection. I apologize for not having a links post last week, but I was away at a science fiction convention for a week and between the trip and prepping for the event, I missed a few posts here on No Wasted Ink. I’m doing my best to get back on track for you.

Confessions of a Book Reviewer

Staying Positive After a Rejection

Lessons From the Writing of The Name of the Wind

Your Bones Are Showing: Too Little Story, Too Many Problems

5 Writing “Life Lessons” from an Empty Nester Author

How to Get Started with a WordPress Author Website

Revising Your Manuscript in Scrivener

Mind Mapping: A Pantser’s Path to Planning

Using Side Characters to Support a Story

Is Blogging Dead or Alive in 2019?

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday!  It is time for another top ten articles about the craft of writing. As usual, I have a nice mix of general writing tips sprinkled with articles about the science fiction genre.  I hope you enjoy them!

Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus

How to Get a Book Published: Your Guide to Getting Published

Learning to Fish: the Under-Labor of Writing


Let No Good Tension Go Unstretched

Writing for Voice First Devices

Building a Democracy in Your Fantasy World

Weaving a Romantic Thread

Story Goals: Are They Slowing Your Story’s Pace?

Book Marketing: How To Sell More Books At Author Events

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink Writers Links where I list my top ten writing articles each Monday.  These are articles that I discovered during my own browsing.  There are general writing tips and a few for science fiction authors.  I hope you enjoy them!

Can You Learn How to Plot Fiction?

5 Ways Writers (Try to) Fake Their Way to Good Storytelling

Before And After: Does Your First Draft Look Good Naked?

Understanding Appropriative Worldbuilding

Choosing the Right Idea

Story Structure in a Flash

Writing Tips: 11 Tools To Capture Your Creative Ideas

Raising Your Novel’s Visibility: Blog Posts & Leveraging Library Contacts

The Illusive Writer’s Voice

10 Things You Wish You Knew Before Launching Your First Blog

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

It is Monday and time for a new top ten writers links.  Most of the links are to articles with general writing tips, but a few will be of interest to speculative fiction authors.  Enjoy!

What If Your Novel is Losing Steam?

4 Challenges of Writing for a Modern Audience

5 Tips for Authors on Using Social Media

Are Only Humans Creative? Plus, 6 Ways Creativity Improves Health

Bad People Make Better Stories: Crafting the Perfect ‘Unlikable’ Character

Introducing Otherworldly Elements Without Confusing Readers

6 Tips for Adding Life to Your Locations

Saggy Middle? Use Conflict to Nip and Tuck It

Author Mindset: How To Love Self-Editing

The Easiest Way to Fix a Novel’s Sagging Middle

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday!  This week I have a great mix of writers links for you to enjoy.  Some about science fiction, but others on general writing tips.  I hope you enjoy them!

Authenticity and Racism in Contemporary Paganism

Social Media Marketing and Your Novel


Machine Learning for Writers


How to Write Interesting Scenes

5 Science Fiction Books That Predicted the Future

Did You Forget to Mention You’re a Writer?

Flawed Characters vs. “Too Dumb to Live”: What Makes the Difference?

How Can I Have a Non-Powered Hero in a Super-Powered Setting?