Writing Credits

Short Stories

Far HorizonsAnd The Devil Came Down to NanowrimoNovember 2015

Shadows Express MagazineBerlin WallSummer 2013

Shadows Express MagazineBaptism by FireWinter 2012


Quantum Visions 5“KIC 8462852”,  “Dyson Ring”, “Abandoned Sphere”, “Exoskeleton”, “Genes” – November 2016

Altered Reality MagazineHe Is Your BrotherJuly 2016

Try. Be. Write. (Science Fiction Poetry)CassandraJuly 2016

Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsMarch 2016

Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsDecember 2015

Quantum Visions 4 – “Ark”, “Crush”, “Rust”, “Harvest”, “Time Machine”November 2015 

Far Horizons Scifaiku PoemsOctober 2015

Far Horizons Scifaiku PoemsAugust 2015

Far Horizons Four Scifaiku PoemsJune 2015

Far Horizons Trio of Scifaiku PoemsApril Anniversary Issue 2015

Far Horizons Trio of Scifaiku PoemsFebruary 2015

Quantum Visions 3“Airless Night”November 2014 

Non-Fiction Articles

Lit Central OCA Primer for Writing Scifaiku PoetryApril 2015

Lit Central OCNanowrimo: A Writer’s WorkshopNovember 2014

Serendipity The Metamorphosis of Divine InspirationJanuary 2014

Serendipity Symbols In TimeMay 2012

Serendipity The Animal World in ArtSeptember 2011

Jewelrylessons.comAnvils and Hammers for Hand StampingMay 2010

Jewelrylessons.comMy Favorite Tools from Harbor FreightFebruary 2009

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