Writing Credits

Short Stories

Quantum Visions 8 – We Can Rebuild Him – November 2019
Lit UpNumber Twenty-ThreeApril 2019
The JunctionThe Chicken-Coop PuppyJanuary 2019
Quantum Visions 7 – SOS – November 2018 (Print Only)
Lit UpThe Devil Came Down To NanowrimoNovember 2018
The JunctionThe Horse ThiefOctober 2018
Lit UpThe Curse of LoveAugust 2018
The JunctionBerlin WallAugust 2018
Far HorizonsSOSAugust 2018
Murder They Wrote AnthologyWe Can Rebuild HimDecember 2017
Quantum Visions 6 – Day of the Ficus (American Version) – November 2017 (Print Only)
Far HorizonsDay of the Ficus (British Version) – July 2017
Far HorizonsAnd The Devil Came Down to NanowrimoNovember 2015
Shadows Express MagazineBerlin WallSummer 2013
Shadows Express MagazineBaptism by FireWinter 2012


Quantum Visions 8 – Ascending Venus, Alternate Universe, Bootstraps, Dyson Swarm, LasChamp Event – November 2019
Lit UpPlanet PlutoJune 2019
Lit UpBio PrintingMay 2019
Lit UpVenus RisingApril 2019
Quantum Visions 7 – Drop, Cold, Miners, Core, Moons – November 2018 (Print Only)
Lit UpHe Is Your BrotherAugust 2018
Lit Up – CassandraJuly 2018
Lit Up – Candle On The WaterJune 2018
Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsFebruary 2018
Quantum Visions 6 – Probe, Jupiter, Geomagnetic Reversal, Jupiter Storm, Sublimation – November 2017 (Print Only)
Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsOctober 2017
Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsJuly 2017
Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsApril 2017
Quantum Visions 5“KIC 8462852”,  “Dyson Ring”, “Abandoned Sphere”, “Exoskeleton”, “Genes” – November 2016
Altered Reality MagazineHe Is Your BrotherJuly 2016
Try. Be. Write. (Science Fiction Poetry)CassandraJuly 2016
Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsMarch 2016
Far HorizonsScifaiku PoemsDecember 2015
Quantum Visions 4 – “Ark”, “Crush”, “Rust”, “Harvest”, “Time Machine”November 2015 
Far Horizons Scifaiku PoemsOctober 2015
Far Horizons Scifaiku PoemsAugust 2015
Far Horizons Four Scifaiku PoemsJune 2015
Far Horizons Trio of Scifaiku PoemsApril Anniversary Issue 2015
Far Horizons Trio of Scifaiku PoemsFebruary 2015
Quantum Visions 3“Airless Night”November 2014 

Non-Fiction Articles

Writing Cooperative20 Useful Subreddits For SFF WritersMay 2019
Writing CooperativeAuthor Platform: Using FacebookMarch 2019
Writing CooperativeUsing Twitter For Your Author Platform – January 2019
Writing Cooperative – Prep Your Novel For Self-Editing In ScrivenerAugust 2018
Writing Cooperative – Fountain Pens in the Creative ProcessJuly 2018
Writing Cooperative – Better Blogging Topics For AuthorsJune 2018
Writing Cooperative – Social Media Tips For Your Author PlatformMay 2018
Writing CooperativeNovel Reference JournalApril 2018
ScifaikuestScifaiku Brainstorming TechniquesFebruary 2017 (print only)
Serendipity – The Metamorphosis of Divine Inspiration – January 2014
Serendipity – Symbols In Time – May 2012
Serendipity – The Animal World in Art – September 2011

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